Interior Design Letter of Agreement

Interior Design Letter of Agreement


An agreement is a legal or a mutual understanding between two or more parties. An agreement may either be formal or informal depending upon the parties and their nature. Interior Design Letter of Agreement is a formal letter written to sign the agreement made for the interior designing of the client’s property. The letter shows that you have accepted the contract of working for your customer and an agreement letter is just to get the approval of both the parties by signing the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement letter.

An Interior Design letter of agreement can be written by an interior design company which draws up this letter to one of its clients to agree on the points of interior design for the customer. The letter should state the design aspects with its related terms and conditions sufficiently such as costs, payment terms, and deadlines to prevent future disputes. Keep the letter short and simple in a readable as well as easy to understand language. Write the letter in an assuring tone for the quality of work done by you.

Sample Letter

The following is the sample letter for Interior Design Letter of Agreement.



Decor Interior Services,

992 Lakeside Street,

West Lavington,  Ohio.



Sawyer Real Estate Agency,

Vice President,

1888 Lynch Street, Ohio,

Ohio, WI 53188.

Subject- Letter of Agreement for the interior designing work.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your confidence in Decor Interior Services in catering to your interior design needs. It is a great pleasure to get a contract of interior designing from your reputed company. We accept your appointment to serve you on your upcoming high-end property offering which requires state-of-the-art interior designs to match your property offering.

We will put our best effort to make your property/ workplace look no less than a heaven; we will serve you with good materials. The design will be as per your wish and according to the structure of the rooms.

This agreement confirms the following:

  • Validity of agreement period: DD/MM/YYYY – DD/MM/YYYY
  • Appointed task: To provide 3-5 interior designs for Sawyer Real Estate Agency to choose for each property design.
  • Design proposal: 3 months for each property design
  • Payment: $15,000 for each room of 12*12 ft.
  • Payment Terms: Full payment upon selection of interior design.

A copy of agreement letter has been attached along with this letter with the terms and conditions of the contract in it, send the letter along with your signature as an approval for this contract.

We will do our best to provide you the work you had dreamt of. If you have any queries/ question related to this agreement letter, feel free to ping us at +471-3695668. We will be more than happy assisting you.

We are very eager to work for you. Hope to hear from you at the soonest.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Terry Jones,

Decor Interior Services,


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