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An Insurance Marketing Letter is written by an insurance company to a potential customer. The letter is written as a marketing letter to obtain potential sales from the customer. The letter is written to describe the product that is being offered by the insurance company. The product offered by the firm must be mentioned in detail. Before writing the letter, the insurance company must use segmentation, targeting and positioning techniques to identify the potential buyers in a robust manner.

The letter must be written in a tailored manner that is relevant to the customer that it is being written to. The letter must mention the details of the insurance policy and must highlight the structure as well as the coverage of the policy. The letter must be personal and must not be generic, because of the importance that customers give to relationship management. The letter must include information about the insurance agents if the customer wishes to contact them in the future.

Sample Letter

The following is a Sample Insurance Marketing Letter.


Rajesh Koothrapalli,


East West Insurance,





Rajesh Amarpali,

West East Street,



The United States of America.

Dear Sir,

Subject: Insurance information letter.

I take this opportunity to thank you for giving us a chance to contact you about our insurance marketing for the current financial year. We were happy that you chose our company to enquire about travel insurance to the United Kingdom. Our company has pioneered travel insurance for over 25 years, and our expertise is the best in the market.

The travel insurance is offered in three different packages. The first one offers a coverage of 100000 GBP and is valid for 30 months. The premium for this package is 300 GBP. The second package offers 2000000 GBP worth of coverage, and it is valid for 40 months, with the premium being 350 GBP. The third one offers a coverage of 500000 GBP, and it is valid for 45 months, with the premium being 500 GBP.

We encourage you to assess the three packages and pick the most suitable one. You may visit our office, or you may choose to pay online, and your insurance terms will be activated immediately upon payment. We also offer a complimentary passport and baggage allowance in British Airways flight if the booking is made within 15 days of receipt of this message.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.


Rajesh Koothrapalli.

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