Insurance Claim Letter

Insurance Claim Letter


An Insurance Claim Letter is written by a policyholder to an insurance company to inform them of a certain damage that has happened. Through an Insurance Claim Letter, the writer places a request for a compensation for the loss caused due to an unfavorable circumstance. The unfortunate circumstance could be a theft, an accident or even burning down of property. Relevant details and evidence should be stated for the prompt processing of the claim.

The letter should be written soon after the damage has taken place. The details of the incident and damage as well as of the policy should be rightly given in the letter. Clear presentation of the loss shall be helpful in receiving compensation for the same. The writer should also include his or her correct contact information for any clarifications on the part of the receiver. The letter is a highly formal and should only contain relevant details.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of an Insurance Claim Letter.


Mark S. Jenkins

4862-Pine Tree Lane,

Reston, MD 20191,




Seth S. McCoy

Claims Officer,

Secure Insurance Agency,

972-Perine Street,

Washington, VA 20005

Subject: Insurance Claim for Theft

Dear Mr. Seth S. McCoy,

Further to our telephone discussion last Tuesday on DD/MM/YYYY, I am writing to you to confirm the burglary that occurred at my home which requires me to make a claim on my insurance policy numbered 45472.

I would like to state the precise details of the incident. I was on holiday from DD/MM/YYYY, to DD/MM/YYYY, and upon return on DD/MM/YYYY, I found my house broken into. After making a police report, I called you for advice on further proceedings on insurance claims in such a situation. I am attaching along with this letter a copy of the police report on the burglary at my home. I am also enclosing a list of the items missing from my home that was insured. I am also attaching copies of the original pricing of the missing items for your perusal and computation of compensation.

For any further clarifications, I can be reached at my telephone number 44738465. I can also be contacted at my email ID I hope that your esteemed organization will look into my claims promptly so that I may put my house back into order again. Kindly further the procedure and pay the claim as soon as possible.

Thanking you in advance for your prompt service.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Jenkins

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