Insurance Cancellation Letter


An Insurance Cancellation Letter is written by a customer to the insurance company when they wish to cancel the insurance policy they had taken earlier. Insurance covers are taken by almost everyone to secure oneself from uncertainties of life. The insurance company provides insurance on various things apart from life such as fire, marine, miscellaneous, etc. However, sometimes an individual might feel the need to cancel an existing insurance policy. That is when anĀ Insurance Cancellation letter is written.

An insurance cancellation letter is a formal letter written by a customer to the insurance company asking them to cancel his or her insurance policy. The letter must contain the policy number and all the necessary details that will help in the fast processing of cancellation. However, the company can be persuasive, so you have to stand your ground when you wish to cancel it. Once through the letter, check for grammatical errors.

Sample Letter

The following is the sample of insurance cancellation letter.


Vidhisha Tiwari,

EN Apartments,




Kurusha Chauhan,

General Manager,

ABC Insurance.


Subject – Cancellation of policy.

Dear Kurusha,

Hello, I am writing this letter in order to cancel my insurance policy no. 54342937293 registered under my full name i.e., Vidhisha Tiwari. The policy was taken on DD/MM/YYYY. However, now I wish to cancel it.

We take insurance to secure ourselves from unseen circumstances or the uncertainties of life. My insurance was done by my husband and both of us hadn’t read the documents clearly at that time. Recently, I was going through the documents when I came across one clause which I quite don’t agree with. It stated that if my death occurred under natural circumstances then no money would be given to my family. We enroll for insurance policies for the purpose of children and so, in my opinion, if the policy doesn’t fulfil that condition, one shouldn’t go for it, especially if the policy is worth Rs. 1 crore. I have already paid the first installmentĀ  and according to your policy, it can’t be refunded.

I am ok with the money not getting refunded. However, I don’t wish to continue the policy as I don’t see the policy being of any good for me or my family. I do hope that you understand it and do the needful as soon as possible. I have attached all the details along with this letter. If you have any query, you can contact me.

Yours Sincerely,

Vidhisha Tiwari,

EN Apartments,



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