Insurance Appeal Letter


An Insurance Appeal Letter is a formal letter that is written by a client to the insuring company in the event of damage and need for reparation. Such letters are to written so that the insurer may be immediately made aware of the accident or incident and may put into motion the process of verification for the disbursement of funds. This letter also serves as formal evidence that the client has applied for and been disbursed during the tenure of the insurance. The events covered depend upon the scope of the insurance.

A few things need to be kept in mind while writing such a letter. Make the details very clear and leave nothing to chance. Be formal and polite in your approach. Mention your personal details clearly as well. Request obligation for better results. Make sure that there are no grammatical, structural and spelling mistakes. Address the letter to the appropriate authority at the office of the insurer and end the letter by thanking them for the support they have lent in the time of need.

Sample Letters

119 Walter Road
Wedgwood, TX 76133

August 8, 2010


General Shompo Insurance
Yorkshire Parks, Walter Road
Wedgwood, TX 76133

Dear Madam,

RE: Notification and Insurance Appeal Letter

With great regret, I must put forward my request for your approval of my insurance claim owing to the circumstances that cannot be otherwise addressed. I need to claim my insurance for the accident that my vehicle met with another vehicle the day before yesterday. The police were informed and although no one was harmed my car has suffered some chassis damage that I want to refer to professional attention immediately. I have attached an F.I.R. of the incident for your consideration. I have been your loyal client for the past five years, and now I am in dire need of your help. I have always paid the premium on time and even received discount bonuses for timely payment.

Kindly reimburse me for the amount that is due to me by my insurance contract so that I may get my car fixed immediately as it is currently not in a  condition to drive and therefore causing me much trouble in the daily commute. Please reply soon and mention the day, date and venue of inspecting the damage to the vehicle. I have taken the liberty of getting a photo clicked at the service center of my showroom immediately after the incident for your better judgment. The photos are enclosed with this letter. The necessary formalities have been completed from my end at the service center. I have attached signed release forms with this letter, kindly find them for your official use.

I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your kind understanding and consideration.

Yours sincerely

Andre Jones
Insured I.D.: 948300222

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