Inquiry Letter

Inquiry letter


An inquiry letter is written when an individual, for himself or on behalf of any organization he/she is involved in, would like to gain a particular piece of information about the company, product, character or some situation to have a better understanding. An inquiry letter should be courteous and clear as it is a request for assistance on a matter. A properly worded inquiry letter would prompt a faster response. An effective letter of inquiry is often harder to write than a full proposal.

The letter of inquiry should be brief not more than three pages and must be a succinct but thorough presentation. The employers and business organization draft an inquiry letter to get desired information. The employers write this letter to the job applicants to get details about them such as abilitis, skills, hobbies, personal and family background, health etc. It can even be written to inquiry about a product or service. This kind of letter can be written by a potential client as well. The sample letter mentioned below is an example of a potential client inquiring about the product.



Charles Harrison

111 Sharper Avenue
San Diego, CA 97732



Customer Service

Drew Furniture and Fittings

19 South Street

San Diego, CA 93883

Dear Sir / Madam

Re: Inquiry on Product

I read with excitement on your advertised product of a sofa set, Flex-It, model FL0193 in yesterday’s Daily Bugle. The advertisement claims that this sofa set can ease the back pain of its users through regular usage. I have been experiencing back pain problems as I work in front of the computers a lot.

My inquiry here is whether your company carries a similar product for an individual sitting than a full sofa set as advertised. I like the features presented in the advertisement on how the sofa set can recline at various degrees to ease the discomfort in the back for different users.

I would be happy if you can furnish me further details on my inquiry or recommend how I can use this advertised sofa set to my advantage.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Charles Harrison

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