Informational Interview Letter

Informational Interview Letter



An Informational Interview letter is written by a job seeking a candidate who writes in to enquire more about the company which he applies to work in. It could be written after a first interview is conducted, and the shortlisted candidate writes to seek further information from the company for a better understanding to consider possible employment with the company.

It is really important for the candidate to write such a letter and understand further details because many times, a candidate has multiple offers in hand and thus it makes it a difficult choice to take the decision. Also, it helps in gaining knowledge and clarity pertaining to the job role. This letter will be a basis for the understanding and assign the roles and responsibilities. The candidate needs to know the intricacies of the company applied for so that they know what they are getting into in a clear and explicit manner.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of Informational Interview Letter.


Jimmy Tyson,

4097 Easel Street, Dallas,

TX 75216.

March 11, 2010


William Fryer,

Recruitment Manager,

Golden Pots Enterprise,

1876 Fifth Avenue, Vancouver,

BC V6B 1E1.

Subject: Informative Interview Letter

Dear Mr. Fryer,

Thank you for your time to meet up with me last Tuesday at your office.

It was quite an enlightening interview to understand Golden Pots Enterprise better as I wish to be considered for employment with this esteemed organization. However, due to your busy schedule last Tuesday, I have some questions which were not answered during the interview. I am taking the opportunity to discuss with you the details about this job and also the compensation details. Owing to the positive feedback after the interview, it would only make enough sense to the work as taken care of.

It would be so kind of you to take up the following questions for me to consider employment with your esteemed organization.

1)      As I am applying for the post of Sales Manager, may I ask what would be the expected sales target for the year?

2)      Would the sales target figure be on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis performance?

3)      Would other branches’ sales targets be part of the headquarters’ total sales target?

4) What is the compensation with the explicit details appropriately specifically with respect to the level and number of years of experience counts.


Thank you for your time to answer the above questions. I would appreciate a response from you soon.


Yours Sincerely,

Jimmy Tyson



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