Informal Thank You Letter

Introduction :

An informal thank you letter is usually from friends or family who are very close with one another. It is always good to give a note of thanks to another who has extended a helping hand or rendered a service for the individual’s benefit. The letter can be casually written on a light note with expressions of thanks freely written. One should always acknowledge the help they get from others. It always helps in motivating the other person to continue doing the same in the future.

It is an informal letter written to someone the sender is close to and can use informal type of greetings. It must mention how grateful the sender was to receive help from the person and in what way it helped the person. Be very kind in your letter so that the receiver feels good for having helped you. Kind and sincere words can do a lot more than one can imagine so never leave a chance to make someone feel a little good about themselves.


Sample :

The following is the sample of Informal Thank You letter.


Cassandra Mire,

3453 Goff Avenue,
Grand Rapids, MI 49503.

Date – February 10, 2017


Joann W. Tennett,

3122 Elkview Drive,
Stuart, FL 34994.

Hi Joann,

Subject: Thank you

Thank you for the recipe of the delicious walnut cake. It turned out wonderfully beautiful and delicious. I was so happy because it was my first try at baking my favorite walnut cake. I had been looking for the right recipe for some time, and I am glad I bumped into you the other day to get it off you.

Thanks so much for sharing the recipe with me; I appreciate your generosity. Believe it or not, I finished most of the cake! My family managed to salvage a bite and is asking for another bake! After a long time my whole family had gathered together and to have spent such a wonderful time together along with a sweet dish turned out to be best time spent together.

This successful bake has set me excited on baking. If you have other such wonderful recipes, I hope you will share them with me again. I always love trying out new recipes and would be glad to have some of them. It was very generous of you to have shared this recipe with me, for which my whole family give their regards to you.

From a novice baker,


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