Informal Letter


Informal Letter



An informal letter is a letter that is written very casually or light-heartedly between friends or family who are close with one another. The contents can be anything under the sun as it could be a casual exchange of information between the parties. There is no need for any formality in an informal letter. This letter could be a general letter asking about the heath and wellness of family members, or this can be a letter written to deliver some news. A lot of families also share poems and short stories written by them through this letter. There are many things that this letter can contain. It can have any content in the world.

It is an informal letter which means you have to do no formality in writing this letter. You can write whatever you want and however, you want and use whatever words you want to. Be polite and show your love through this letter,

Sample letter:


Sam Hull

1087 Charter Street
Overland Park, KS 64110



Daniel Merritt

4450 Wiseman Street

Overland Park, KS 64110

Hey Bro,

RE: Let’s Hang Out

How are you doing? It’s been quite a while since we got together; the last time I remembered was at James’ bachelor party four months ago. Now, our friend is a happy love-struck hubby; certainly with no time for us.

But, hey! You’d never know. Perhaps we can still drag him out for a night and see how he is doing with his married life. His answer will tell us if we still have a friend or he is lost cause, after marriage, which tends to do such things to us, guys. Don’t you notice that trend, brother?

Call me when you are free to hang out. Dave’s Tavern is waiting for us every night. A cool glass or two should be refreshing for the soul, besides the throat and belly, eh? I hope to see you soon as I miss hanging out with you guys! Those were the days! We used to have so much fun. Revert to this letter as soon as possible so that we can plan a fun weekend together really soon.

Waiting for your call, man!


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