Informal Invitation Letter


An informal invitation Letter is a letter written by someone who wants to invite a personal relation to their home, workplace or city for a pre-arranged purpose, for a meeting, sightseeing or conversing, etc. Such letters are exchanged between friends. They are informal in nature and reflects the friendship between the two individuals by the tone employed. Friends invite each other to their homes for dinner, stay or for showing them around their city during vacation, and such a letter covers many such purposes.

This letter should be written in an informal tone with the content being free from grammatical, structural or spelling mistakes. They should begin with an inquiry of health and a commentary on the contents of previous letters and conversations. The writer should then proceed to express her/his desire to meet their friend and the wish to show them their city or any other object of interest. Thus invite them to their home for staying for a period that is comfortable for them. The invitation should be extended to the immediate family of the friend too if required.

Sample Letter:

Following is a sample of an Informal Invitation Letter.



119 Walter Road
Wedgwood, TX 76133

August 8, 2010


1253, Dave’s Creek Road
Henderville, TX 76143

Dear Rosh,

I hope my letter find you in the best of spirit and health. I hope that your family is doing well and you are happy in your new situation in life. It has been long since we last wrote to each other. I know you have been busy with your examination at school, but that is no real excuse not to be able to spare a few minutes for your best friend and write to her. I have been busy too, but I have always taken the time out to write to you. I hope this reprimanding is enough and that you will now write to me regularly and reply my letter religiously.

You have your summer vacations starting just after the end of your school examination just like mine and as we had planned it is this year that you spend your vacation with my family and me. I have already taken permission from your father, and he has consented for your fortnight stay, and that leaves you with no excuse to not come. Pack your bags and be ready I will be there to pick you up on the last day of your examination. We will have our evening snacks and retire for they day, the next day we will leave fro my place after having our breakfast, We will travel by road, in my car. I will also let you drive. If we find light traffic, then we might even reach my place before lunch. I have made the bed for you and also made space for all your things to be kept in my room. I have all our itineraries planned. It would be a fun summer.

Convey my regard to elders and love to youngsters.

Yours sincerely,

Andrea Jones

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