Indian Wedding Invitation Letter


An Indian Wedding Invitation Letter is an invitation letter written to announce and invite people to the wedding of a person, especially in the Indian style. Wedding invitation letters itself are of several kinds. While some of them are formal in nature, some are written in a more personal tone.¬† Since marriage is a very important phase in a person’s life, his or her marriage invitation letter, inviting friends, colleagues and relatives, should be written very nicely.

The writer should segment the letter in three paragraphs. The introductory paragraph should begin by declaring the happy news of the marriage. The second paragraph should include the important particulars of the event and since this is an Indian Wedding Invitation Letter, details of all the important ceremonies in the Indian tradition should be mentioned. The letter should be concluded by confirming the presence of the person who is receiving the letter as well as his or her family.

Indian Wedding Invitation Letter – Sample

The following is a sample of Indian Wedding Invitation Letter


Pooja Gupta

23/12, Pushp Vihar,

New Delhi- 110017

30 April 2017


Deepika Kumar

A-6/17, Lodhi Colony,

New Delhi- 110098

Subject: My Marriage Invitation Letter

Dear Deepika,

I am very excited to tell  you that my marriage has been fixed with my boyfriend, Rohit. I cannot even express in words to you how happy I am that our parents have finally agreed to our marriage.

I cannot believe that my dream is finally turning true. As you know, we have been trying to convince our parents for almost a year now. There can be nothing more joyful and happier than marrying the love of your life. The wedding ceremony will take place on 18th of May 2017, at 6.30 p.m in Asiad Village Hall and you have to be there. I will not accept any excuses from you to not attend all the ceremonies. I want my best friend to be with me throughout all the wedding ceremonies. Lots of shopping has to be done and I am very excited to buy my wedding dress but I am equally nervous for this big event of my life. Therefore, having you beside me would be very comforting.
I am hoping to see you here very soon since it is your best friend’s marriage. Lots of arrangements and preparation are to be done for all the ceremonies. Please be here as soon as you can and tell uncle and aunty as well that their presence on the occasion will be much cherished.
Yours lovingly,

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