Important Letters


As the word suggests, important letter is written at the time of urgency. The letter may be formal or informal depending upon the situation and need of the sender. There can be many subjects to write under important letters relying upon the sender’s requirement.Some of the topics related to important letter can be employment letter, visa appeal letter, membership letter, etc.

Keep the letter short and precise with an easy and understandable language. Have a look at the sample of this important letter to get an idea of writing it on your own when needed.

Sample Letter

The following is the sample letter for Important Letters.


Dristi Damini NGO,

Lake Road, NY529,

Street No.56, Hudson Valley,

Ranchi, Jharkhand, India.



Ms. Sara Gari,

Kailash Road,

Triveni Apartment, Flat no.- 29

Ranchi, Jharkhand, India.

Subject:- Regarding the new membership form.

Dear Ms. Sara,

Thank you for showing your great interest in joining our NGO firm ‘Dristi’.

Dristi is an NGO which works for the people of ‘Panchauli’ village, Mesra. We have a full of one hundred forty members working with full dedication and interest for the betterment of the villagers. All the members are under graduates and post graduates. The work has been allotted to them according to their need and interest also as per their convenience.

We provide sessions to develop them, and we train them in a way to face every situation. We conduct meeting on every weekend, and there are a lot of other activities carried out by us to train and entertain them.

To be a member and a helping half of ‘Dristi’ you need to complete the final procedure by filling in the membership form of ‘Dristi’ attached to this letter along with a copy of the detailed schedule of our programs of every week.

Fill up the form to be a part of ‘Dristi’ and for any assistant and help, contact us. We will be more than happy, helping and assisting you. Hope to get a positive response from your side at the soonest.

We need volunteers and more people like you for our firm.

Thanking you.


Daisy Lara,

Chief Coordinator of Dristi,

Ranchi, Jharkhand.


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