I’m Sorry Letter

I’m Sorry letter


An “I’m Sorry” Letter is written by an individual who has done something regretful and wishes to apologize to another formally in writing rather than verbally, which is deemed more casually. A written letter of apology is viewed as more sincere and is readily accepted than a verbal apology. Expressions can be stated down clearly in a letter to convey your sincerity in your error. A letter to say sorry could be written for several inappropriate acts, such as, shouting on someone, lying to someone, hurting someone’s feelings, etc.

The letter should begin by asking for an apology for doing the resentful act. The second paragraph of the letter should incorporate the reasons which lead to the act. The writer should sincerely manifest to the receiver his or her feelings of guilt.  The concluding paragraph of the letter should include a promise made to the receiver that he or she has realised his or her mistake and will never repeat such an act again.

Sample Letter

The following is the sample of an “I’m Sorry” Letter.


Lara Henrikson

452-Farmers Lane,

Harrisburg, PA 14531,




Jennifer Riley

466-Logan Street,

Broomfield, CO 73231,


Subject: I am Sorry for the Misunderstanding

Dearest Jennifer,

Please allow me to offer you my deepest apologies for the recent misunderstanding between us. On hindsight, I was a bit too rash in my actions and words. I had allowed my initial bout of anger to get the better of me instead of investigating the whole situation carefully before coming to a conclusion.

I am so sorry for the unfair words I said to you; I lashed out at you without thinking of the consequences, driven by my narrow-mindedness. Please forgive me for such a behaviour. We have been friends for a long time, and I wish to maintain our wonderful friendship always and take it further to a deeper level. I have found out that you were not involved in the situation in any way, but an unfortunate ‘bystander’ sucked into the accusing circumstances. I was very upset over everything that had occurred and lost control over my mind. I was feeling reluctant to apologise to you. I understand that I should have apologised to you earlier but because it is never too late to apologise, I thought I must say sorry to you now.

Once again, please accept my sincere apologies on the issue. I am truly regretful over the whole incident. Thank you for your kind understanding. I hope that you will find space in your good heart to forgive me.

Hopefully, still your friend,


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