I Love You Letter to Boyfriend

I love you Letter to Boyfriend



An ‘I love you’ letter to boyfriend is written by the girlfriend who writes to express her love and feelings to her boyfriend. Love is a beautiful feeling. It can be difficult to find words to describe what this feeling is but there are only words which you can use to express love. Sometimes it is easier to express your feelings more easily on paper than in person, especially if the relationship has just started or is developing. But a frankness of feelings expressed is good for developing a love relationship. People who find mutual love are really lucky, and so they should always be grateful to have found the one for themselves. They should make all efforts never to lose someone who they love so dearly. An occasional love letter by any of the two can help develop stronger feelings from both sides and make the relationship stronger. It is said that action speaks louder than words, but in the case of love, words are also a very important part of a relationship.

A love letter is a very casual letter, and you can write whatever you want in it. It doesn’t have to follow any particular format but it should have kind words, and be filled with love. You should make your boyfriend feel special through this letter and tell him how much you treasure as well as cherish his presence in your life.

Sample Letter:


Jennifer R. Meyer

175 Viking Drive
Carroll, OH 43112



Robert D. Houghton

2450 Duncan Avenue
New York, NY 10007

Dearest Robert

There is something I have to say to you. We have been together for five months now, and I just realized how much I miss you when you are not around. At first, I could not figure out the reason; then it struck me!

Yes, I’m in love, Robert. It’s a bubbling feeling within me whenever we are together.

Robert, I love you! Yes, it’s true! I realize how great a person you are, and how you would always want to make me laugh. Whenever I am sad or alone, I find my thoughts going to you and the wonderful times we share together. Then, I don’t feel so sad.

Yes, I love you, Robert. I know you have expressed these simple three words to me earlier, but I couldn’t respond until now. Thanks for being patient with me. I am not very good with words.

With my love,


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