I am Sorry Letter


A Sorry Letter is written to anyone to who you would want to apologize. It is a nice gesture that you want to apologize for something that you feel bad about. You can write an apology letter to your friend, a colleague or anyone in your family. It is a way of expressing your love towards them and let them know how important the person is. It not only makes the person feel better as they receive your apology letter but also consoles them if in case they are angry or upset on.

By writing a sorry letter, you can make it up to them. You can also send some gifts to them along with the letter to please them and to put a smile on their face. Those gifts need not be expensive but they can be a small token of love such as flowers, chocolates and may be some hand-made card. If you are also looking forward to writing a letter to someone whom you want to apologize, you can make use of the below-provided sample letter on the same and start writing one.


The below is the sample on Writing a Sorry Letter.



Bangalore, India,

24th, March 2011.



12, Anna Nagar,

Chennai, India.

Dear Rex,

I am writing this letter to tell you that I am deeply sorry that I wasn’t able to help you. I know how it is to take all the pressure and manage. I also understand that you are facing a huge financial crisis and your business is booming. I am terribly sorry that I am not able to help you at this point in time where you need me the most. You have been the most supportive friend when I was going through a major relationship issue and you have helped me a lot to recover.

As much as I want to help you, I am equally deprived with my finances for the past two months. Please do not take this as a negative sign. I will always be there for you whenever you need and this inability is no way a disturbance in our relationship. You mean so much to me, brother. However, I will look into this and try to help you. I am sorry. Please don’t give up your hopes.

I will call you up and we will discuss on this to make it better. I hope you understand things well.



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