How To Write College Acceptance Letter


College acceptance letter is written by a college or institute, to the candidate who has been successfully selected for the course for which he or she applied. It is quite a happy moment for the candidate to receive this letter. You can start the letter by congratulating the recipient for his or her selection. In the letter, you need to mention the program for which the candidate has been selected and give details of the academic year and when it begins, etc.

As it is a formal letter keep the tone of the letter formal and polite. Make sure the letter is not too long and that there are no grammatical or spelling errors in the letter.  In the letter, you can inform the recipient about his or her joining date and tell them that you are attaching all the details of their program. In the end, you can wish them the all the best for their studies.

Sample Letter

The sample of College Acceptance Letter is given below for your reference:

Priti Birgi
Admissions Manager

Delhi University
Delhi 324001


September 18, 2017

Mr. Anmol Singh Bedi
122 Lodhi road
Delhi, 324002

Dear Mr. Bedi

I Priti Birgi, admissions manager at Delhi University would like to inform you that you have been accepted into the business program for the academic year 2017-18. Please accept our heartiest congratulations.  You have been selected based on your excellent academic and personal achievements that were highlighted in your letter. We believe that you will prove to be a valuable student of our university.

We are enclosing the brochure of the college and the academic calendar which will include all the activities of the whole year. The brochure will also make you familiar and aware of all the facilities available at the campus. Also enclosed within it is the list of all the professors of your respective course and the time table of the semesters. The list of mess and hostel facilities is also mentioned in the brochure. You can choose the type of hostel you are looking for and inform the respective administrative department. The numbers are also included in the brochure.  Please feel free to call the student department in case of further inquiries.

Also, we would like to inform you that an orientation day program is being held before the beginning of the academic session. The Dean will be addressing new batch and all the professors will also be present.  So do attend.

We would like to wish you best of luck and lots of success and a memorable stay at the Delhi University.


Priti Birgi

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