How To Write An Invitation Letter


An invitation letter is a letter written to invite people to an event/function/party etc. It is written by the person who is hosting the event to the people he or she wants to invite to the event. An invitation letter can be written to invite to the host’s house or any function like a marriage or a baby shower, or it could be sent to attend the opening of a gallery or a shop. Officially this letter can be used to invite clients for checking out new deals and discounts. An invitation letter can also be written to invite at parties. This letter has to be written such that the person reading finds it interesting enough to attend the event he has been invited to.

This letter may or may not be official, and so you may stick to the format according. However, be polite while writing this letter. Remember to state the reason for the invitation and in short mention the attractions at the event.

Sample Letter:


Miles Low Jones


Digital expressway

35 Lakeview Way Road



Shaila Stuart Mathew


Frisco Sales Shop

41 Adamsville Mall Road
Laredo, TX 78040

Dear Ma’am,

Re: Invitation letter for party

This letter is written to invite you to the party we are hosting on Sunday, DD/MM/YYYY at Firm residency event hall at 20:00 hours. This party is been organized for the big profit our company has made this year. It was the work of all our employees taht we see this day. You being a very close business partner we want to invite you to the celebration to enjoy with us. It would not have been possible without the constant help and support you showed the company. The employees worked hard to achieve the target this year, and so we believe they do deserve a celebration and an appreciation for their hard work.

Since you have always been there for our company, we want you also to be here to celebrate this day with us. Looking forward to seeing you.

Thanking you,

Miles Low Jones


Digital expressway

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