How To Write A Sympathy Letter


A sympathy letter is written by a well-wisher or a friend who wishes to convey their sympathies to another person. When a person writes a sympathy letter, it is usually written to somebody who has fallen sick, or has had an accident/injury or has had a misfortune of any kind. As mentioned in the name itself, the letter has to be sympathetic in tone. However, your tone mustn’t be too sympathetic as to make the person feel too bad. The letter can be written in both a formal manner as well as an informal manner. This is highly dependent on whom you are writing the letter to.

If you are writing your letter to somebody close, such as a dear friend, keep the tone informal and also be highly encouraging. Include a quote from a book or a movie that your friend loves. However, if the letter is being addressed to a distant relative or a colleague at the office, then you can write it more formally.  It’s completely up to how close you are to this person. There is no hard-and-fast rule to be followed for this. Sometimes if you keep the tone informal for a person who is not that close to you, they might actually find it encouraging and sweet.

Sample Letter

The following is the sample of a sympathy letter.

Jem Gurudas,
435 G, Mathuram Fancies,
M.G Road

28th April 2017

Sara Ahmed,
House no 12/b
Pink Villas


Dear Sara,

Tony had informed me yesterday that you had met with an unfortunate accident and that you had to be hospitalized because of it. I am extremely sorry to hear of your accident, Sara, and that too as you were trying to put up a few bottles on the vegetable rack.

Susan and I were shocked on hearing the news and wanted to come visit you then and there. However, Tony had informed us that the doctor wasn’t allowing any visitors until you were in better shape. When we were growing up, you had always been the daring one, climbing trees and always adventurous. It really saddens me dearly that such an accident has befallen someone as feisty as you. But do not lose heart, dear Sara. You have to be mentally strong at this point of time. Keep yourself brave, just like Ms. Saramma from your favorite movie ‘Ente Veedu Unideyum’ did. We are all right behind you, praying for your quick recovery.

We are very confident that you will be recovering very soon from all this. We know how strong you are. You have the courage to face it all. We have enclosed with this letter a bouquet of roses. They have been picked for you, from our garden. We will come and visit you soon. Keep well till then and be brave.


Yours Sincerely,

Jem Gurudas

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