How To Write A Sales Letter


A sales letter is written by a company wishing to introduce and thereby sell one of their products to a prospective client. The letter will generally introduce a new product and will give an account of its special properties so that the client can be convinced that the product is good enough to buy. The letter is highly important since it can sway the client into buying it as well as not buying it. Hence the letter has to keep a formal tone throughout the letter.

Because of this very reason, it is important to structure the letter accordingly, into an introduction, main body and a conclusion. In the introduction, state why you are writing the letter and briefly introduce the product. Then go on to say something about the product, such as why it is different, and what makes it special. Also, give a description of its uses. Don’t forget to add a paragraph on why the product would be useful to the customer.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a sales letter.

Merrin Abraham,
Xylon Pens,
104, 14th White,
Tamil Nadu

10th March 2017

Stephanie James,
534 C, Pink Villa,

Subject: Introducing our new ink pen ‘Hero 5s’

Dear Ma’am,

Greetings from Xylon Pens!

We are glad to introduce to you our latest product ‘Hero 5s’. A result of a long, meticulous five years aimed at finding the ink pen with the smoothest nib, Hero 5s will leave you with the best feeling.

Hero 5s has thin nib ends with a unique rounded end which controls the amount of ink flowing out of the pen. The body is sleek and smooth and is currently available in black and blue colours. Hero 5s has a long and successful history. Our company has been working hard to come up with a design as great as Hero 5s’s. It is the last member of a family of smooth, regal ink pens starting from the Hero 1s. Since you have been our regular customer for the past many years, we would like you to be one of the first persons to buy our latest product!

And since formal sales have not yet begun, we shall be providing special offers to those who are quick to seal the deal. For the release of our latest product, we have partnered with ‘Tony n Guy’, and we have certain lucrative deals for you. Awaiting you is not just the best writing experience but also an exclusive offer with the best hairstylists in the world.

Hoping to see you at our showroom!


Yours Sincerely,

Merrin Abraham

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