How To Write A Resignation Letter


A Resignation Letter is a professional formal letter which is issued by the person willing to resign from the company. It is written to the head or the manager of the company or the department. Mention the date while writing the letter and address the person well. You may mention the reason for your resignation. The letter should be divided into two to three moderately sized paragraphs.

Keeping in mind that the letter is formal, keep the content and your letter straight forward and formal while mentioning all the relevant details required. While the content may vary from person to person or situation to situation. You may take a look at the letter given below to help you get an idea of the letter. You finish the letter wishing the company or the person good luck for future.

How To Write A Resignation Letter:

Following is an example of the resignation letter, to help you write one:

2885 Jadewood Drive
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
3798 Tail Ends Road
Appleton, WI 54913
RE: Resignation Letter
Dear John P. Kane,

This is to inform you regarding my resignation from the Tree Hill Co. Ltd. I have successfully completed my bond of 3 years and have been working from past 4 and a half years with the company. I have learnt and gained a lot from the enterprise, my seniors and my fellow mates. I have learned not only regarding my work but also as a team member of my department and as an individual while working with a fantastic team.

This being my first company I had a lot to learn about my job and people around me. I can say that I am taking some good experience and a positive attitude with me. Not only the firm believed in me but also encouraged to work over my fears in this job. Changing me as an individual and teaching me professionalism. Unfortunately, I will not be continuing with the firm and would also request you to issue a reference letter and a work certificate in my name for my upcoming job opportunities including all the other paper work.

It was great working with your company, and I wish your company good luck for future and greater and a higher success.

Yours Sincerely,
Danny D. Brennan
Sales Associate

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