How To Write A Request Letter


The topic of the request letter can be anything from seeking leave, request a raise in salary, requesting for volunteering, requesting to take up an event, etc. Hence, your content will vary from topic to topic and also whether the letter is formal or informal will also depend on the topic. Mention the date on the letter and address the person well. While writing the letter make sure that you are giving all the necessary details of the matter you are requesting the other party for.

The letter is to be written in a polite and respectful tone while asking for their help. The letter will include all the detail about the event or request for the receiver to get an idea about the task at hand. Down below is an example of a request letter to help you get an idea about the letter. End the letter while thanking them.

How To Write A Request Letter:

The following letter is an example of a request letter to help guide you:

2887 Roy Alley
Louisville, CO 80027
4228 Werninger Street
Houston, TX 77026
RE: Request Letter
Dear Daniel P. Whipple,

This is to inform you regarding the upcoming volunteering program by us which will help thousands of families that will be facing hunger this holiday season. The organization is proud to work for the ones in need and request your firm to volunteer for the same. Our goal is to help at least five thousand people in need, and we will not be able to do it without your help.

The person interested may select the category they would want to contribute, which includes serving food, collecting the donation, managing the tasks and doing the paper work. Hence, we request you to issue a notice for the same in your company so that more and more people can get to know about the same. We have asked for help from many organizations including yours.  We would also appreciate if you encourage more and more employees or people around you including your neighborhood and families. This contribution matters and therefore it will be highly appreciated if you could contribute. We are expecting a minimum of fifty people from you. The interested person may give us a call on 55555-5555 or may even email us on

Looking forward to your consideration for helping the ones in need. Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely,
John A. Swanson
Helping Hands Org.

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