How To Write A Reference Letter


A Reference Letter is written about an employee who worked at your organization or under you. It is written as a proof that the employee has contributed to the success of the firm. You may mention specific projects he or she has worked on and their task or contribution in the same. You must mention their position in the firm and for how long they have worked with you. It is clear that the letter is a formal letter and must have a formal and polite tone. Do not forget to mention the date and name of the employee. Also, do address the person well.

Down below is an example of a reference letter to help you outline the way of writing the same. You may take a look. But also remember that the content may vary from person to person and their type of work.  End the letter by thanking them.

How To Write A Reference Letter:

The following letter will help you get an idea of how to write a reference letter:

Ernest J. Vaughn
4474 Church Street
Queens, NY 11101
Neil R. Jennings
Housing Managers Co. Ltd
2130 Sunny Day Drive
Anaheim, CA 92805
RE: Reference Letter
Dear Neil R. Jennings,

It is a pleasure to recommend Mike, applicant. He has been working in our company as Junior Marketing head from the past five years and was promoted two years back. He has worked on one of our best projects and has largely contributed to our firm.

The task assigned to him has always been exceptionally well written, on time and with a good research base. He was our only associate who was promoted within such a short time span of his career. It has always been a piece of cake while working with him, he has good communication skills, positive attitude, and a great team spirit. He has always motivated and encouraged the office department which finally landed him as a fantastic leader for his department.

His performance in a company is a good indication how he might perform in other companies in future and contribute to their success. With all good faith in him and his excellent performance, I am pleased to write a recommendation letter for such a talent and willingness to contribute to the humanity through his work.

If you require any further assistance for the same or any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely,
Ernest J. Vaughn

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