How To Write A Marketing Letter


A Marketing Letter is to be written by the company or organization for the particular product being marketed. Usually, a sample product is sent out to people or celebrities as a gift and market that on their social media. The content may vary depending on thee product and services. The letter is a formal letter which is written with an aim to market the product or the service. So it is spread among more and more people for them to know about the launch.

The marketing includes online marketing and offline marketing. Down below is an example of how to write a marketing letter, you may take a look. Always end the letter by thanking the reader for taking out the time to read their letter. Also, make sure to address the person well and mention the date as well.

How to Write a Marketing Letter:

Following is an example of a marketing letter:

The Naturals
4075 Jefferson Street
Norfolk, VA 23508
4075 Jefferson Street
Norfolk, VA 23508
RE: Marketing Letter
Dear Jamie V. Colon,

Hi, Ma’am. This is to inform you that we have launched a new chemical free shampoo to add to the line of the chemical free products. Our new shampoo works from your scalp to the end while giving you the quality like that of Keratin. Also, with the shampoo, we have launched the hair conditioner for complete nourishment.

We have launched this product after years of research under the guidance of the best scientist and an amazing team which helped us in finding the best natural ingredients for smooth silky and shiny hair. A sample of the shampoo and conditioner has been attached to the letter. We would like you to try it out and give us a review based on your experience. We would recommend you to use it for two to three weeks for the best results to see the difference. Being an expert in hair line products, your opinion matters a lot to us. Also, please share a picture of the same if you are impressed by our product on your social media and will soon send you our best products as a thank you gift from us. We would be pleased if you could try it and tell us about it as soon as possible.

Thank you for taking out time and reading the letter. Looking forward to your consideration. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,
James V. Colon
Marketing Executive

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