How To Write A Leave Letter


A Leave letter is a letter written by professionals or students at a school or college, to explain the cause for them being on leave. It is also written in cases where the writer wants to inform the concerned authorities and ask for permission to be exempted from their duties for a particular period. If the letter is written by a student, he/she must explain with a valid reason why he/she could not attend the class.

A leave letter is very formal in nature and is an official letter that could act as proof of the writer’s absence from class/work. Writing a leave letter is a good way to express how sincere you are towards your work/studies and proves to the authorities that you are efficient and responsible. The following is a leave letter written to a teacher by a school student who was on leave for three days. The reason for leave is mentioned very clearly.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter for Leave Letter.


Ana Locke,

45 Lincoln Street,

North Park,

New York.



Miranda Priestley,

North Park High School,

North Park,

New York

Subject: Leave Letter

Dear Ms.Priestley,

I, Ana Locke, was on leave from school for five days starting on the DD/MM/YYYY to till the DD/MM/YYYY. I was absent in class due to my illness. Right from my childhood, I have been allergic to various things like dust, peanuts, etc. Many times, I have fallen ill due to my allergies. But this time, it was much worse.

On the weekend before, I went on a camping trip with my family. Since my allergies had not caused much trouble lately, the tour included activities like hiking, trekking, etc. However, once we went hiking, the trouble began. The route we chose was very dusty, and as a result, my allergies started acting up. We returned to our camp, packed and left for our home as soon as we could. I was taken to a doctor and was given a shot.

However, that evening, I came down with high fever. On visiting the doctor, I was informed that my dust allergy was the reason behind the fever. I was instructed to take some medicines and stay in bed for three days. Hence, I was on leave.

I have already taken down all the notes I missed, and I promise you that
Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Anna Locke


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