How To Write A Condolence Letter


A Condolence Letter is written to a person who has lost his loved one. Through a Condolence Letter, the writer expresses his or sympathy to the person who has lost someone very dear to him or her. Even though the event is mournful and regretting, the author should understand that the receiver is in a miserable state. Hence, the tone of the letter should not only be polite but an encouraging one as well so as to help that person to become calm soon.

The writer should begin the letter by wishing a relaxed state of mind to the receiver. The writer should let the receiver know that he or she is in full support of her and has deep regret for the sad event that has taken place. Since the letter could be written to either a colleague, friend, neighbor or a relative, the expressions and vocabulary for the letter should be selected accordingly.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Condolence Letter


Helen Smith

Beaver Trail Street,

Gainesville, GA 43578



Shanon Philip,

65 Elk Creek Road,

Gainesville, GA 95327

Subject: Deep Sympathies for the Sorrowful Event

Dear Shanon,

I hope you are in a better state than before now. The event that has taken place is a very unfortunate one, and I understand that you shall be affected very much by the loss of your elder sister, Madeline.

I know how dearly you loved her, however, what has happened now cannot be corrected. We can only pray for her to be at peace wherever she is.  I understand your situation, but you have to keep yourself calm now and overcome this sad event as soon as you can. You have to act very sensibly since you have your family to look after as well. Your children have always looked up to you so you must stay strong for them. Even I had been attached to Madeline very much, and I miss her a lot too. I had regarded her as my elder sister too and shall always do so. I remember even now how she used to guide me in every problem that I faced, whether small or big. It is hard to believe that she not among us anymore, but we have to face reality and live with her memories.

I will take out time as soon as I can and come to meet you, but I do not want to see you upset over the matter. You must remember that I am there for you no matter what.

Yours lovingly,


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