How To Write A Christmas Letter


A Christmas Letter is written during the season of Christmas to express wishes and blessings to the receiver. The Christmas Letter may be written for formal or personal purposes. If it is formal in type then it may be written between an employer and employee or between two business organizations. If the letter is personal then it could be written between friends, family members living afar, relatives or neighbours. Also, now-a-days it is a common practice to write a personal type of Christmas Letter representing the entire family.

The letter should be divided into three convenient paragraphs. The introductory paragraph should begin by warm Christmas greetings and felicitations. The second paragraph of the letter should have certain personal touch even if it is a formal type but the formal boundaries must be maintained. The letter should be concluded on a happy note by wishing a prosperous year ahead to the receiver.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Christmas Letter


Sophia Johnson,

65 La Trobe Street,

Melbourne MJ 342423,




Emma Jones

988 Little Lonsdale Street,

Melbourne GY 4428365,


Subject: Christmas Greetings

Dear Emma,

It has been a really long time since I met you. I hope you are in the pink of health and enjoying the season of Christmas. I believe everything is going well with you.

Ever since I changed my job, I could not get time to meet you, now that I am in a different city. It seems like only yesterday when I was with you, working at the same office. We had been such a great team. Last year’s Christmas celebration was so amazing with you. Although I have kind and cooperative colleagues here as well, but none of them is as special to me as you have been, and shall always be. I thought I should surprise you this time; you might have guessed it by now. Yes! I am back to Melbourne and would be too overjoyed to meet you and make the best of this Christmas with you. I have planned a party on 31 December 2017 at 6.00. in the evening. I have invited the other colleagues as well. I am just too excited to meet you all. We will relive those moments and make some new memories as well.

I will not hear any excuses from you for not attending the party. It shall be the best start of the year 2018 with you all to accompany me.

Yours lovingly,


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