How To Write A Business Letter


Business Letter is a type of a formal letter which is written between two business organizations, between one employee to another employee or employer of the same organization, or by an employee to its client. A Business Letter may be of several types, such as Sales Letter, Order Letter, Complaint Letter, Inquiry Letter, Follow-Up Letter, Recommendation Letter, etc. Every Business should follow certain rules such as the use of correct grammar and spellings, polite and soft tone, a fine template, etc.

The writer should segment the letter into three paragraphs. The introductory paragraph of the letter should state the reason for writing the letter. The second paragraph should contain significant details of the matter. In case any date or time is mentioned, then the same should be given correctly. The concluding paragraph of the letter should thank the reader for his or her time. The tone of the letter should be polite throughout, irrespective of the matter being reported is positive or negative.

 Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Business Letter to apologize for a delay in the delivery of a product.


Scott Morrisson

Sales Manager,

R and Y Sales and Services,

65 General Holmes Drive,

Sydney, Australia



Kevin Smith

766 Old South Head Road,

Sydney, Australia

Subject: Apology for Delay in Delivery of Product

Dear Mr. Kevin Smith,

This letter is with reference to your order number RH78445679 which had been placed by you on DD/MM/YYYY. By now you must be aware that your order of 62 steel glasses and 98 200 ml flasks, which was supposed to reach you on or before DD/MM/YYYY, has not been delivered to you. Hence, we apologize to you for the delay.

There had been a certain confusion as well as chaos while the order was being shipped. The order got changed with another order during the shipment. Therefore, we were unable to supply you with your order of 62 steel glasses and 98 200 ml flasks timely. Although we do understand that your need was very urgent and you had requested the management to deliver it as soon as possible, we are extremely apologetic for not being able to fulfil the same. We have placed another order for you, and we assure you that it shall reach you on or before DD/MM/YYYY, without any delay this time.

Once again, we apologize to you for causing a delay in your order. However, we hope that this shall not obstruct any future business transactions between us.

Thanking you for your cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Scott Morrisson

Sales Manager,

R and Y Sales and Services

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