Love Letter


A love letter can be written by either a girlfriend or boyfriend to their respective partners.  In this letter, you can express your love for your partner and tell how special they are for you. You can let them know that they mean the world to you. The Letter can be written when the partners are away from each other for some time due to any reason, or it can also be written to make your partner happy.

As it is a personal letter keep the tone of the letter polite and warm. Don’t make the letter too long and make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors in the letter. The letter should convey your personal feelings. In the letter mention how much you miss him or her and are waiting to meet again. You need to let them know what is happening in your life and you see your future with them.


Sample Letter

The sample of  love letter to your boyfriend is mentioned below:


Priti Birgi


21st December 2017


Sameer Sharma


Dearest Sameer

I hope you are in pink and purple of your health. I am doing fine now. I have now accepted that we have to be in this long distance relationship for our better future. I hope you have settled down in Bombay perfectly. I have also started with my daily life now.

I can’t be there to manage your things I hope you are taking care of yourself nicely. Please eat healthy food only. Avoid eating outside food, and yes maintain cleanliness in your new flat. I know you are all alone, and it is going to be difficult but always remember, I am just a call away. We will talk on phone daily and also write to me whenever you get time. Keep me updated about your progress in your new job. I hope you make many friends and take trips around Bombay. I know how much you like travelling and there are so many places around Bombay which you can visit in monsoon.

I can’t wait for us to reunite after three months. If possible, I will try to visit you on the fourth weekend of this month. Don’t forget to do some shopping for me.  Rest everything is fine here. I visit aunt and uncle every alternate day to see if they need anything.

I miss you a lot and hope to meet you really soon.  Nothing is same without you here.


Lots of Love


Priti Birgi

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