Hospital Donation Letter


The word donations denote a gift offered for a charitable purpose, to benefit a cause or to a person or an organization who is in need of that. The donation gift varies differently according to wish of the donor and need of the donee especially in the form of money, clothes, food, books, house, blood, etc. depending upon the choice. In simple words, the donation is a legal contribution made for the poor ones.

Writing a hospital donation letter means to get financial contributions or donations of other resources from an individual or organization. The primary purpose of the letter is either to raise funds for the patients or to upgrade cumbersome and costly equipment for the hospital. While writing a donation letter, the hospital management should keep in mind to mention the problem and need of the funds.

Sample Letter

The following is the sample letter for Hospital Donation Letter.


Richa Martin,

Senior Surgeon,

Life Trust Hospital,

Lake Road,




Mr. Shiv Arun,

Greater Kailash, Road No-56,

Near Meenakshi Movie Hall,


Subject:  Requesting for a help ibn noble cause.

Dear Mr. Arun,

“Save the life of needy.”

This mission of ours is only possible with the help of your donations, and people like you who never let the life of patient go down, the funds provided by you are utilized in the treatment of the patients who are in the extreme need of that. Many patients after being discharged from the hospital come to thank the donors and us.

Last month two patients got admitted in our children’s cancer department, they are on the third stage of skin cancer and are going through several tests and chemotherapy, till now their all expenses are borne by our hospital committee, their parents are not in a position to pay off the bills and daily expenses of several medicines and tests as they belong to lower middle-class family.

One of the best hospitals in Singapore has looked into this matter and has readily accepted to save the life of theirs. We have consulted the doctor, and they have asked to admit them in Singapore possibly by April 5, 2015. The total expense will amount to $4500. We need your help and support for this noble cause. Giving and taking life is not in our hand but yes at least we can try our best to save those lives and offer them a ray of hope.

Any financial assistance given by you will be gratefully accepted for this noble cause. Your funds will be used to save the lives of those children and will be utilized in the treatment of the patients belonging to a family that cannot afford medical expenses. For any queries related to this matter, feel free to contact us.

You are one of the life saviors of these people. Looking forward to helping you and thanking you in advance for helping us in this noble cause of saving a life.


Richa Martin,

Senior Surgeon,

Life Trust Hospital,



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