Holiday Sales Letter


A sales letter is a letter which describes a particular product or design of any company. These days most enterprises and businesses use these letters to promote their products, new collections and keep in touch with their clients. Sometimes to enhance the sale of their products, companies offer holiday packages along with the product A holiday sales letter describes this kind of deal. It leads to an increase in the sale of the product and increases the customer base for the company. It also leads to more advertising and growing the brand value of the company in the market.

The letter should contain complete details of the holiday package offered like the no of days, place of accommodation, places to visit, etc. It should also mention the way in which the offer can be availed.  It should written in a warm, to the point and formal manner. The letter should be written in such a way that it compels the reader to buy the product and avail the holiday offer. In the end, you should thank the client for their time and patience and also send them good wishes from your side.


Sample Letter:

Following is a sample of Holiday Sales Letter.



Pooja Shetty


Axis Bank




Subject:  Holi Sale by Bombay Design Center


Dear Pooja,

This Holi, Bombay Design Center has come up with an exclusive range of Holi boxes for our customers. The box consists of 6 mini bottles of colors, a white shirt, a pair of colorful sunglasses, 100 water balloons, organic soap, and a tote bag and a small booklet explaining the relevance of Holi in India. It can serve as an excellent stand-alone collectible and can also be a perfect Holi present for your family and friends.

As our association with your bank has been a long and happy one, we’re offering special holiday packages for your customers. If the customers from your bank buy our Holi kit, there are chances that they can win three days four nights trip to Goa. It will be a fully paid trip including boarding, lodging, food and sightseeing. As ours is an exclusive collection, only three lucky winners will get to avail this offer. They will be selected through a lucky draw. They will receive a message or an email if they are the chosen ones.

Please spread the word regarding the offer as it’s a limited offer especially for your bank. You can write back to us or email us for more queries.

Thank you for your cooperation and sending you our best wishes for Holi.


Thanking you.

Yours sincerely

Sunanda Raniwala

Bombay Design Center

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