Holiday letter

Holiday letter


A Holiday Letter is very casual and can be written for any occasion to someone close. It can be sent to keep in touch with one another during the holiday or just to update each other on personal matters. It can be sent while one is on holiday and updates the family or friends on how the vacation is going. The letter is written as an update on the holidays that the vacationer wants to share with his/her friends or family. The letter is very informal.

The letter must be written to the appropriate person, after considering their relationship with the writer. The letter must mention the experiences that the vacationer has had over the course of the holidays. The letter must include details regarding the place like its tourist attractions, the cuisine, the language and culture of the locals and any other relevant information. The letter must be picturesque with many descriptions that captivate the reader. The letter must not be bland without humor and experiences that are quirky may be added to the letter.

Sample Letter

The following is a Sample Holiday Letter.


Ben Johnson,

Flamenco Hostel,

Cádiz, 15,

18511 Valle del Zalabí,


The European Union.



Johnson Family,

926 Cost Avenue,

Hyattsville, MD 20783,


The United States of America.

Subject: Updates on Holiday

Seasons’ Greetings,

How are you guys at home? I am having a ball here in Europe. Spain is my second last stop before returning home at the end of the month. Italy and Spain are just outrageous with their rich cultures and festivals. I also visited the landlocked countries of SanMarino and Vatican City. It is amazing at how such a small country can fit in so much cultural richness. The Sistine Chapel in Italy is the most beautiful architecture that I have ever seen in my life. The Spanish enjoy their life to the fullest as experienced in the bustling streets of Barcelona and Madrid.

I just witnessed the local Bull Run and bullfighting last night. These were just awesome. There were crowds of people, and the whole town was wild with hysteria. The adrenaline was sky high, and the locals knew how to dance the night away.

Next, I will be traveling to Portugal. I will fly to Porto and then visit Lisbon. I have heard that the beaches in Madeira are one of the best in the world. I wish to soak in the sun and relax before heading to the cold of Scandinavia.

I want to be mesmerized by the success story of Scandinavia and how it has become the most developed part of the world today. I will reach Sweden first and then travel to Norway and Denmark. I want to ski in the snow-capped mountains of Sweden and see the night light in northern Norway. I will then cycle through Copenhagen and then bid farewell to wonderful Europe.

Well, I have to stop here and get ready to move on to Denmark to catch my flight home. I shall call you when I am at the airport. I cannot wait to meet you guys, it has been so long! Please be there to welcome me! I shall call you once I reach the United States.

Take care, and I will see you soon!

Dear Samantha,




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