Holiday Letter to School


A Holiday Letter to School is written by a parent whose child is studying in that particular School. The letter may be addressed to the class teacher of that student, the principal or to any other authoritative figure in the school. Sometimes due to emergencies, the family of that child may be required to visit another town or even another country. Also, there are certain situations when your child has to be kept away from school because of the child being sick or having some serious health issues which may affect the other students as well. So it is the duty of the parents of the child to inform the school of the same.
In a Holiday Letter to School, the writer should begin the introductory paragraph by stating the reason for writing. The writer should mention in the main body of the letter the reason why the child would not be able to attend the school. It is important to mention the dates on which the child remain absent. The last paragraph should be concluded by thanking the receiver for allowing a leave for the same. The tone of the letter must be kept soft throughout and, also, any kinds of grammatical spelling mistakes must be avoided.

Sample Letter


Olivia Sebastian
77 Gedung Cyber,
4 April 2017
Agalia Aganis
Mother’s Pride International School,
Terogong Raya No.33, RT.3/RW.6,
Cilandak Bar, Jakarta,
Subject: Request for a Five Day Medical Leave
Dear Mrs Agalia Aganis,
I am the mother of Jenny Sebastian, studying in your reputed school, Mother’s Pride International School, in class 3A. I am writing to you to inform you that Jenny is suffering from high fever and may not be able to attend the school for the next five days.
She had fever a day ago, that is, on April 2, 2017, but the medicine she had been having helped her to recover very quickly so she attended the school today. However, on returning home she again felt sick with fever. The doctor has said that the weather has not been very favourable to her. The doctor has also advised that it will be agreeable for her to stay and rest at home for the entire week. Hence, she will not be able to come to school from April 4, 2017, to April 8, 2017. Kindly allow Jenny a leave of five days for the same, since her state of sickness might affect the health of the other students of the school as well. Resting at home shall be appropriate for her and will help her in recovering soon.
I believe that the staff of the school shall be cooperative and understanding in covering up the work that she will be missing this week.
Thanking you.
 Yours Sincerely
Olivia Sebastian

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