Holiday Letter To Boss


A holiday letter to the boss is written by the employee to take leave from his/her job for the required period. This letter comprises of seeking permission from the boss for leave. The letter must also contain the valid reasons for seeking leave, the duration for which the leave is being taken and who will be in charge of his/her work during his/her absence.

The employee must read up on the holiday terms and conditions of the company. This policy will guide him/her through the special conditions required to be fulfilled and the time needed for approval before the employee departs for his/her holiday. If the letter is straightforward, well-written and sent well in advance, according to the guidelines of the company, then there are high chances that the boss might grant the employer’s leave. Certain companies approve of holidays based on the order of the request that they receive.  Informing well in advance helps one to book their hotel rooms and flights accordingly.

Following all the rules and guidelines of the company, the employee has a better chance of getting approval for their leave.If one has already discussed their leave verbally with the boss, then it is good that you mention it in your letter. Lastly, the tone of the letter shall be courteous and formal as the letter will have an impact on the boss who will grant permission for leave.

Holiday Letter to Boss – Sample


Riya Sharma,

TV10 News,

Mumbai, India.

May 2, 2017


Raj Lalit

TV10 News,

Mumbai, India.

Subject: Holiday Letter To Boss.

Dear Mr. Raj Lalit,

As you have already received my official marriage invitation card and I had spoken to you yesterday that I need a two-week leave from office for my wedding, I would like to take this opportunity and request you to grant me leave for two weeks from next Monday, i.e. DD/MM/YYYY. My wedding ceremony begins from the DD/MM/YYYY and ends on the DD/MM/YYYY. All the relatives are arriving soon, and my family needs me to help them make the required arrangements for everyone to make them feel comfortable. Also, I would like to spend some time with them as we hardly meet once or twice a year.

During my absence, I have appointed Mr. Rahul Shah to take over my tasks, and he has agreed to do the needful. Before the leave, I will make sure that there is no confusion or misunderstanding for him when I am away for my wedding. I will resume working from the DD/MM/YYYY. Kindly take my request into consideration and grant me leave. Also, I hope to see you at my wedding.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Riya Sharma.



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