Holiday Invitation Letter


A holiday invitation letter is written by one individual to another individual whom he/she wishes to invite to a holiday party or outing. Usually, the writer and the recipients are acquaintances or friends. Therefore, the letter is informal although the writer must not take any liberties while writing the letter. The letter must mention the reason for inviting the person on a holiday and must also invite family members if any.

The letter must be written to the individual who is relatively well known to the writer. The format of salutations and the body of the letter must match the purpose of writing the letter. The letter must be written in an affectionate and informal manner. The letter must be written at least one month before the planned date of vacation. The letter must be written with proper details about the planned holiday, expenditures, etc.

Sample Letter

The following is a Sample Holiday Invitation Letter.


Rajesh Koothrapalli,

Easton Avenue,



The United States of America.



Howard Wolowitz,

Philadelphia House,



The United States of America.

Subject: Invitation for holidays

Dear Howards,

I hope you are doing well. I am inviting you to a weekend that the Astronauts Union has organized in Monterrey, Mexico from DD/MM/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY. The holiday has been arranged as a part of the greater celebration of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration which is celebrating 150 years of existence in YYYY.

I wanted to invite you and Bernadette Rostenkowski to accompany Emily and me to the trip. The holiday is entirely funded by the government, and the accommodation is subsidized by the astronautsĀ union. This trip will be a great experience and will help you relax after a busy schedule. Reply to this message as soon as you receive it, so that we may go forward with the booking of flight tickets and accommodation.

We can fly out of California to Monterrey if Bernadette and yourself come to Los Angeles in the last week of this month. I believe that we will have a great time at Monterrey and you will get to enjoy the pleasant Mexican weather. I want to take this holiday, as it has been ten years since we last vacationed together.

I anticipate your reply. Please intimate my best wishes to Bernadette and your parents. Hope you will accept this invitation.

Warm wishes,

Rajesh Koothrapalli.


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