Holiday Extension Letter


There are many times in life when we are unable to finish a particular work on time. There are also cases when we fail to return to work or school in time from a vacation. That is when a formal holiday extension letter comes in handy.

A holiday extension letter is written to the employer or school principal by the employee or student. This letter is written to seek permission for an extension in the current holiday dates due to some valid reasons that need to be proofed in the letter or submitted on their return.

The person sending the letter shall give a revised tentative or permanent date of return. They should also apologize for the inconvenience that will be caused when he/she will not be here in office or school on the earlier estimated date. At the end of the letter, he/she can thank in anticipation and hope that the boss or principal takes their case into consideration and grant an extension of their leave.

The most important factor in writing this letter would be that the tone of the letter. The tone should be soft and calm as well as make sure that it is appealing to the person in authority concerned so as to gain success in attaining the leave.

Holiday Extension Letter – Sample


Olivia D’silva,

Lock and Key

Mumbai, India



Pankaj Rohra,

Lock and Key,

Mumbai, India.

Subject: Holiday Extension Letter.

Dear sir,

This letter is to inform you that I am on leave in Dubai from DD/MM/YYYY and I am supposed to return by DD/MM/YYYY.  I am from the sales and marketing department. I am writing this letter as I seek permission for an extension in my estimated return dates.

I need this extension in my vacation as my mother has fallen ill. She earlier had breathlessness which we thought was asthma but now she has been admitted to the hospital with a very high blood pressure. The doctor said that they would discharge her on DD/MM/YYYY. I need a five-day extension to make sure that she is perfectly alright and also to look for a reliable caretaker to take care of her in my absence.

I have already checked the airline ticket with my agent, and they are available for DD/MM/YYYY. I will resume work on the next day i.e. DD/MM/YYYY. I have enclosed a few photocopies of the hospital bill receipts, and I will bring along with me the original as well as the remaining documents when I resume work from DD/MM/YYYY.

I highly apologize for the inconvenience that will be caused by my absence, and I assure you that I will finish all the incomplete as well as the assigned work within a week of my return. Kindly grant me an extension in my leave

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Olivia D’silva.






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