Holiday Complaint Letter


A Holiday Complaint letter is written by a customer to a holiday travel agency making a complaint about the quality of service that the client was provided during their vacation. This letter is an official complaint letter and must be written in a formal manner. The letter must highlight the cause for complaint, whether it was a delay or poor service offered to the customer. The letter must be written to the customer relationship manager of the holiday company.

The letter must be written in a formal manner and must be concise, as it is a formal letter. The letter must be written in a detailed manner, and the reason for complaint must be elucidated. The letter must mention all the important things that will be important in assessing the importance of the situation. Trivial matters must not be mentioned and the letter which may jeopardize the situation. The complaint must be made clearly, so as to reduce ambiguity.

Sample Letter

The following is a Sample Holiday Complaint Letter.


Rajesh Koothrappali,

East Park Avenue,



The United States of America.



Richard Conman,

Customer Relationship Officer,

Thomas Cooks Travels,

Easton Park,


The United States of America.

Subject: Holiday complaint letter.

Dear Sir,

I write this letter to express a formal complaint about the poor service that was rendered to my family and myself during our trip to the MaldivesĀ on DD/MM/YYYY. The holiday package mentioned that the accommodation and food are complimentary, but the hotel refused to accept this and we had to pay a total of 1000 USD during our stay at the hotel. Also, the hotel refused to arrange tours around the city of Male.

Your company had assured us that the hotel would ensure that the above services will be taken care of, but still, we had to pay for these services from our pockets. This added to the cost burden that we had to bear during this trip. The trip was also sub par because it did not provide us with greater flexibility to move around the city of Male in Maldives.

The poor service during this holiday has made me skeptical in returning to your company for future travels. I suggest that the firm be honest with its customers regarding the payment and other services so that the customers are ensured proper service. Please contact me for further details.

Best Regards,

Rajesh Koothrappali.


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