Holiday Approval Letter


A Holiday Approval Letter is a letter that is written by a representative of the employer, usually a staff member of the human resource management of the company, to an employee whose request for a holiday has been granted. Such letters are written and read on a daily basis in businesses across the world. An employee puts in a request for a vacation with a valid reason and the employer, after assessing their past performance, leaves left unused, availability of the human resource, grant them the permission.

It is an occasion of micro-celebration, and therefore the tone of the letter should be joyful, jubilant and congratulating while maintaining a formal language. The letter should begin by congratulating the reader upon the acceptance of their request for leave. Then it should proceed to describe the tenure of the same along with the contact that the employee needs to maintain. The writer of the letter should also take into serious consideration the intermediate transfer of responsibilities and should mention the same to the reader.

Sample Letter:

Following is a sample of a Holiday Approval Letter.



Human Resource Management
Dorothy’s Tours and Travels,
Bengaluru, Karnataka  560025

May 13th, 2017


204, KM-31, Jaypee Kosmos,
Jaypee Wish Town, Sector 134,
Bengaluru, Karnataka  560025

SUBJECT: Holiday Approval

Dear Mr. Roy,

I am glad to inform you, on behalf of the Human Resource Management Department, that your request for leave for a holiday has been granted. Although, the company is in a tight spot and needs all of its workforces to be available, after consideration of your work report the management decided to reward you with this granting of leave permission for your hard work and dedication towards your job. We have noted that you have never been absent in the past one year and have denied all available holidays. As a token of thanks, we are providing you with this holiday for ten days. Your leave starts with effect from tomorrow, i.e. May 14th, 2017 to May 24th, 2017.

Kindly close your open client files by the end of today and assign your interim duties in your absence to a subordinate of yours. Guide them towards proper functioning of the job and handover your project files to them. Also, remember to punch out today at the end of the day. We will also need you to be available telephonically for any assistance the company may need owing to busy travel season, although we shall try our best not to disturb you during your vacation. You will be glad to note that the management is gifting you and your family round way flight tickets for your vacation. We hope you have a good time and return more refreshed than ever.

Looking forward to having you back soon and wishing you safe travel.


Timmy Stone
(for Human Resource Management)



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