Holiday Appreciation Letter


A Holiday Appreciation Letter is sent by an individual, who is usually an employee, to their employer to thank them for the granting of their application for leave for a holiday. Such a letter is a letter of gratitude and should show clearly the obligation that the writer finds himself in. The writer should be appreciative of the company granting him/her the holiday even though companies usually run short human resource. The writer also needs to mention the date and address the issue of temporary transfer of their responsibilities in their absence. They must choose colleague who shall function in their namesake during their absence and handover their project responsibilities to that person.

A few things need to be kept in mind while writing such a letter. Always use formal, precise, and appreciative tone. Make sure your letter is free from any form of grammatical, structural or spelling mistake. Verify that the letter is properly addressed and clearly mentions the designations in the company of the writer and the reader. Appreciate the fact that the company is managing to free you at a precarious time when all the hands are required. Re-mention the obligation that requires your presence and offers your telephonic presence for any issues that may need immediate attention.

Sample Letter:

Following is a sample of a Holiday Appreciation Letter.



1105, A9, Jaypee Klassic,
Jaypee Wish Town, Sector-134,
Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201304



The Head of Human Resource Management,
Jack’s Travels,
Sector-30, Noida
Uttar Pradesh 201302

SUBJECT: Appreciation for Approval of Holiday

Dear Ms. Prasad,

I am glad to note that the letter dated DD/MM/YYYY sent from your department, on your behalf, granted me the permission to proceed on my holiday. I am obliged to you for this kind decision. I am aware that these are precarious times for the company and owing to the same I have not availed any holidays in the past one year. I need this leave to go to my hometown and settle the property disputes that have arisen between my parents and the neighbors. If it were not urgent, I would not have bothered you during a time when this company is in need of all the workforce it can avail. I, therefore, am doubly thankful to you and the company for understanding my obligation and allowing the opportunity to settle matters at home.

I have chosen Mr. Dubey as my replacement in this temporary absence of mine. I have closed all my client files and handed them over to him. I have also explained to him the quality standards of work ethics he needs to adhere to. He is a capable young man, and I have no doubt of his ability to manage things in my absence. I shall also be available 24 hours a day telephonically during any urgent crisis to extend my help. I have also filed my leave letter and got it signed from the head of my work department. I am enclosing the same for your further consideration. I, again, thank you for allowing me this leave during such a precarious time.

I hope to be back before the end of my vacation as soon as I have settled matters at home.

Thanking you,

Hemant Mishra

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