High School Recommendation Letter

High School Recommendation Letter


Relocating to a new city can present various challenges to a family. Finding a new home, re-adjusting to new surroundings, new climates, etc. are just the tip, but one that is often overlooked is the relocation of the schooling of the child, specifically if one is in high school. Often for gaining admission to a high school, the candidate must pass various eligibility tests. To help the transition, one can present a letter from the high school which provides a recommendation in your favor.

A High School Recommendation letter can be written by the principal or teacher for a student who is required to relocate. The letter states the character of the recommended student favorably so that the student is accepted at the new high school. The letter can provide some context on the student’s academic and extra-curricular activity without going into specifics and inform the school that the student is worth admitting.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of a High School Recommendation Letter.



Fairland High School

9933 Rosebud Lane

Garden City, NY 11530





Gloria Dickinson


Grand Hills High School

1123 Riverside LaneCarlton, GA 33302

Carlton, GA 33302


Subject: Recommendation for Jack Smith


Dear Sir/Madam,

I, Gloria Dickinson, principal of Grand Hills High School, am writing this letter to recommend Jack Smith to your prestigious school. Jack Smith is a Fourth Grader at Grand Hills, but his family is relocating to New York next month due to the nature of his father’s job.

I highly recommend Jack Smith to your prestigious school as he is an independent and diligent young man. He is enthusiastic towards his studies, and he interacts very well at all levels. He is respectful to his superiors and friendly towards his peers. The consensus among his various teachers is that he is a hardworking, academically bright student with a keen interest in extra-curricular activities, especially excelling at debates, quizzes, and soccer. He was the captain of the Junior School team during his time at our school, and we are convinced that he can have a successful career if he continues his current trajectory.

I would like to kindly request you to reserve a place for Jack Smith at Fourth Grader next month so that his studies will not be hindered. Thank you for your kind assistance. Please feel free to call me up for further clarifications if necessary.

Respectfully Yours

Gloria Dickinson


Grand Hills High School

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