Harvard Acceptance letter

Harvard Acceptance letter

Harvard Acceptance letter:

Harvard University is a very prestigious university, and not everyone gets a chance to be admitted to such a university. It is a tough job to be able to get accepted to Harvard. A Harvard Acceptance letter is a very high profile letter as it spells acknowledgment of one’s academic ability. It is an honor to receive this prestigious acceptance letter which states its congratulations as well as includes other relevant admission information for the recipient’s next course of action.

The acceptance letter can be either way; it can be written by Harvard to the student for admission acceptance or student accepting the offer. Below mentioned is the sample of Harvard accepting the admission of the student. It is a highly official letter, and so it must be in proper format and error-free. An acceptance letter is written when you are already selected for the program, and you receive an offer letter to join the program or university. The recipient would need to make a response to this offer. You should not be late in sending an acceptance letter so that you can resend after rectifications if there is any need.

Sample Letter:




Massachusetts Hall

Cambridge, MA 02138





Mark K. Williams

1593 Arrow Smith Drive

Moanalua, HI 96819


Mr. Williams,

RE:  Program Admission Acceptance

On behalf of Harvard University, I am pleased to inform you of your successful application to the prestigious Harvard Dental Program for this fall semester.

After much deliberation by the Harvard Admissions Committee, we feel that you would make a suitable candidate to this coveted program which accepts only 25 applicants per intake. If you are accepting this offer, you are advised to contact our Admissions Office before DD/MM/YYYY, for your Admissions Kit. Kindly read through the enclosed Admissions booklet to familiarize yourself with the Harvard Admissions procedures.

Please note that if your Admissions Kit is not collected by DD/MM/YYYY, you are deemed to have declined our acceptance offer. We look forward to seeing you this fall at Harvard for a new and uplifting experience.

Congratulations again on your successful acceptance.

From the Office of,


Harvard University

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