Thank You Letter for Hard Work


Appreciating one’s work will always make them feel very special and belonged to the one who praised their work. It will make way for motivation and further success of the individual. A hard work thank you letter is exactly what you need when you what to thank someone for their commendable performance in a particular task.

This letter is written by the employer to his/her employee for doing a marvelous job in a particular meeting and attaining success for the company at large. This letter can also be written by one colleague to another for helping them in achieving their targets before they meet the deadline.

Writing a thank you letter is never an investment but just a bit of time in appreciating one’s work. This will keep the employee/colleague motivated especially when the appreciation letter comes from their workplace. The employee in this way will also have more respect for the writer of the letter.

Even if the boss is writing the letter, the tone of this type of letter is usually friendly and motivating. This helps in making the employee feel special and happy about their work and at the same time helps them in enjoying their work even more. It also strengthens the bond between the boss and the employee as well as with the company and the employee.

Lastly, the writer of the letter can thank the employee for their good job.

Thank You Letter for Hard Work – Sample


Hannah Jenson,


New Jersey, USA



Clay Baker,


New Jersey, USA.

Dear Clay Baker

I am writing this letter to you as I wanted to thank you for doing such a commendable job at the marketing meeting last evening. You were able to answer each and every question confidently that our clients had to ask and also explain to them the entire agenda correctly.

You have always been able to make me proud and also stand up to the expectations of your post as a head. Even after having such a challenging job of convincing clients and bringing in investors you have always managed to stand up to everyone’s expectations and make us all proud.

You have also worked for extra hours in the company at times and completed all targets before the deadline. To thank you for your amazing work, I have booked a table in St. Paul Restaurant for you and your family for tonight’s dinner, where you can celebrate your success. I have also given you a day off for tomorrow so that you can be at home with your wife and children.

Once you return to work on DD/MM/YYYY, I would like to discuss the next plan of action, the location as to where the meeting shall be held and also what are the changes you require from the already prevailing ideas.

Once again, I would like to thank you for such an excellent work at the meeting. I also hope you enjoy tonight’s dinner and spend some quality time with your family tomorrow.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Hannah Jenson.

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