Happy birthday love letter

Happy birthday love letter


A birthday is a very special occasion. It can be made more special when celebrated with loved ones.Sometimes it so happens that due to circumstances out of one’s control, is not possible to attend a loved one’s birthday with them. This may be due to out the of the city, due to an illness or any other such reason. Other than wishing them on the phone or a text message, it is better to write a letter to them on their special day wishing them as well as letting them know how much one loves them. A letter can be kept with them forever, and years down the line, they may forget about a phone call, but they can always look at the letter and the message it conveys. This letter is an informal one, and it is a mode of expressing regret over not being able to attend the birthday.

A Happy birthday love letter is specially written for one party in a love relationship to the other, expressing birthday wishes and love. This letter is full of good wishes to the birthday individual with deep personal feelings. The birthday love letter combines both birthday wishes as well as love to the recipient.

Sample Letter:

The following is a Sample of Happy Birthday Love Letter.


Joshua Carter

488 Cinnamon Street
Erie, PA 78800

February 7, 2011

Especially for:

Hillary Duffy

1882 Woolen Avenue
Erie, PA 78300k

Dearest Hillary


It’s such a privilege to be able to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY, love! I am so sorry that I cannot celebrate your birthday this year with you; you know that I am down with chicken pox! It sucks! I hate not to be with you on your special day.

Anyway, the doctor says I am only quarantined for a week which is ending in 2 days’ time. So, wait for me, my love! I am already on the drawing board, making the blueprints alive for the time of your life! Thanks for all your beautiful get-well-soon cards. I have them with me all the time, as I am confined to my room these last two weeks.They made me happy when I was bored or feeling down. I hope this letter can cheer you up, at least till I can do the job on my own!

I offer you all my love (minus the chicken pox) on your birthday, besides the big birthday surprise and lovely present that I have for you. You shall have to wait patiently for two days to enjoy it all. And yes, I insist on your kisses in 2 days’ time.

Love & kisses,

Your Josh

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