Happy Birthday Letter

Happy birthday letter


A Happy Birthday Letter is written to convey birthday wishes to our dear ones, such as friends, relatives, neighbours, teachers or colleagues. The letter is usually filled with blessings, joyous words to bring merriment to the one celebrating the birthday. In a letter like this, the writer should express his/her true feelings to the person he/she is writing to, instead of writing standard greetings which one can always find in commercial birthday cards.

A Happy Birthday Letter may be either formal or informal in nature, therefore, the words and expressions would be selected depending upon the nature of the letter. The letter should be segmented into three paragraphs. The writer should begin the introductory paragraph of the letter by congratulating his/her loved one for spending the year so joyfully. Beautiful and humorous memories should form the second paragraph of the letter. The letter should be concluded by once again wishing the person.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter of an informal Happy Birthday Letter.


Jennifer Carter

425 Miners Street,

Erie, PA 16505



Rita Rye

3214 Coal Avenue,

Erie, PA 16505

Subject: Heartfelt Birthday Wishes

Dear Rita,

I am writing to wish you a very happy sixteenth birthday. I hope you spent the year wonderfully and I wish this year to be even more special for you. A new chapter of your life will begin from today!

Since now you are sweet sixteen, here is a special greeting (an acronym of wishes using your name!) which I have written for my extra special best friend.

R– Riches to fill your life from this day forth so that you will never be in need!

I– Intelligence in that little brain of yours so I can call you “brains with beauty!”

T– Talents within you to blossom and fill your soul and spirit to impress others!

A– Achievements in all that you do and success to fill your path!

It is your special day today so here is something spectacular from me to you; a beautiful pendant with a silver plated chain! This pendant will always remind you of how angelic you are to me. I hope my wishes will make your sweet sixteenth birthday even sweeter and more special. Always stay happy and enjoy each and every day of your life. I am glad to be blessed with a friend like you. You are such a great friend to me.

Make the most of your day!

Best wishes,


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