Grievance Procedure Letter


A grievance procedure letter is written to a person of authority by a person in distress or grievance to appeal for a procedural launch against the ones causing them grievance. This letter is used when you are making a formal complaint to a head of an organization. It can be written if you are being bullied in the work place or feel you are being discriminated and treated differently. It can also be written if your employment contract has been breached in some way or in general for any concern that you might have. The letter includes a detailed description of your grievance as well as any previous steps that you might have taken to stop it.

It is a formal letter which usually written in a professional work atmosphere. It is detailed with all the necessary information. It should not include baseless rumors or personal grudges. It must have the credibility and must have an honest approach. It should use a simple language. Use our sample letter below to write your letter.


Amy Rai

Sales Executive





Royal enterprises


Dear Sir,

I am writing to seek your help in resolving a problem that I am experiencing at work. I hope in doing so we can deal with the issue quickly and positively.

In December, some time before the office Christmas party, my team leader said that she would have to review my working arrangements in the new year. I currently work from home on Fridays as I find commuting into town five days a week very tiring. Up to now, she has been very supportive of me, but her attitude to me has changed since I told her I was pregnant. That was in late October or early November. Since then, she has been criticising my work in ways she never did before, making derogatory comments about me to some of my colleagues and they have started saying that I don’t pull my weight and am never in the office. In fact, I have been in the office four days a week and on the day I, work from home, I get through more work than I do in the office. My team leader has acknowledged this in the past. I was very worried over the Christmas period and hoped things would get better in the new year.

However, on 2 January, the first day back at work, my team leader said that I would have to work in the office every day of the week until I went on maternity leave. When I asked why she just said she needed staff in the office. I said I would try, but I had been finding it hard before I was pregnant, and it was only likely to get harder as my pregnancy advanced. She said if I couldn’t work in the office, I should look at other options. I asked what she meant, and she said I was free to go elsewhere.

I raised this matter informally, but haven’t been satisfied with the outcome. I tried talking to my team leader but she refused, to speak to me about this and said she had said all she had to say on the matter.

I was very upset about this as I have been in this job for over 10 years and have not had any problems in the past. I enjoy my work and cannot understand why her attitude to me has changed. I was so worried and upset that I have had to go to my GP and have been signed off sick for a month.

I would welcome the chance to talk this through with you at a convenient time and place. I would like to be accompanied to the meeting by J Sinden.

Yours sincerely

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