Grievance Letter to Employer, Sample & Format

Grievance Letter to Employer


A Grievance Letter to Employer is a letter written by an employee of an individual organization to the business reporting an event of injustice or an untoward incident that has occurred in the company. Through a Grievance Letter to Employer, the employee, who has been subjected to an unfavorable event, raises a formal complaint against the same. Also, a complaint in written form serves the purpose of proof, thereby, smoothening the process of justice.

The letter should begin by stating the reason for which the letter is being written. The letter should report the issue clearly and professionally so that no bias is projected against any of the parties. The letter should be packed with all the necessary details so that the employer can carry out formal inquiries. The letter should be concluded by requesting the employer to investigate to confirm the truth of the matter before taking the appropriate actions to rectify the situation.

 Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Grievance Letter to Employer


Dolly Parson


Grandview Consulting,

86 Campden Hill Road,


United Kingdom



Matthew Stiles


Grandview Consulting

86 Campden Hill Road,


The United Kingdom

Subject: Grievance Letter

Dear Mr. Matthew Stiles,

I am writing this letter to bring to your notice an unlikely event at your reputed organization, Grandview Consulting. I would like to express my grievance over your recent ruling on reducing the lunch hour of the employees.

It is a global practice that any employee in an organization is entitled to a full hour lunch in eight hours working day.  Although I understand that the workload may be heavy at certain times of the year for the company, however, the employee is entitled to have a good lunch break to be revitalized for the next half of the working day. Hence, the outcome of what that employee does will be just as productive as shall have been in the first half of the work day. Therefore, I would like to humbly put forth my suggestion that the reduced lunch hour of 30 minutes should be retracted, unless the employee voluntarily works through his or her lunch hour, which many of the employees would willingly do if the work and the responsibilities demand thus.

I believe that the matter shall be reconsidered by you as I am not the only grieving employee on this recent ruling. I, along with many other employees, shall be grateful to you for the implementation of the same.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Dolly Parson


Grandview Consulting

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