Holiday Greeting Letter


A holiday greeting letter is written by one person to another. It can be written to the employees of the company and to the customers of that company by the boss; it can be drafted by a family member to another relative, or to a friend, etc. This letter is a greeting for holidays such as Christmas and New Years, Diwali, Birthday wishes, Thanksgiving, etc. Writing a letter to the to a person makes them feel belonged and remembered by the person writing the letter. This letter helps in strengthening the friendly bond with all. For e.g. if the boss of a company writes a greeting letter to his/her client, then the client feel belonged and remembered by the firm, he/she would always prioritize this particular company when they need something over the other companies present around them.

Similarly, if we talk about the boss writing a letter to his/her employees of the company, they would also have a feeling of belongingness from the company if they received a greeting for Christmas and new years or their birthday. The letters can have a brief of all the achievements of the previous year and how the employees have been a great help to the company and how the company has flourished in the past one year. This will help the employers to gain motivation for working ahead and achieving their goals efficiently.


Holiday Greeting Letter – Sample


Yash Kapadia,

Parsons & Co,

Hyderabad, India.

Date: month date, year.


All Employees

Parsons & Co,

Hyderabad, India.

Subject: Holiday Business Letter.

Dear Employees,

Through this letter, I would like to express my warm wishes to all my employees and their families on account of Christmas and New Years. As you proceed for your much-awaited vacation of the year, I would like to send you this holiday greeting letter for good and positive energy so that there prevails a strong bond between you and all your loved ones.

The company has gained success only because of you talented and hard working people working for my business. I would like to take this opportunity and congratulate each one of you for achieving all goals and eventually gaining such a tremendous growth fo our company. I am in awe at the way each one of you communicates and coordinates with each other to get the work done perfectly. I am very proud to have such a fantastic team of employees in my company

As a token of appreciation, I have arranged for a New Years Eve party at our office lawn. You are all cordially invited to the party, and you can bring your family and a few others along with you to celebrate New Year’s, Eve. There will be unlimited food and drinks available at the party for everyone.

Once again I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Yash Kapadia.



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