Great Love Letter


Communicating love and feelings for someone through messages or calls has become very mundane and ordinary. The partner may be happy to know that he or she is loved and missed, however, writing a letter makes one’s partner feel more special and blessed. Hence, writing a Great Love Letter, packed with passion and emotions, to one’s partner would be a perfect idea as well as a perfect gift for an occasion.

Since this is a letter of love, it should reflect the feelings the writer has for his or her partner. The writer may also choose to include a self-composed poetry for his or her partner. The letter must not be written in a hurry. To make someone feel special, the writer must leave the impression upon the reader that the letter has been written with much thought and consideration. Writing the letter in a hurry may cause grammatical or spelling mistakes to occur.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Great Love Letter.


Johnny Johansson,

32 Little Lonsdale  Street,

Melbourne MJ 672423,




Scarlett Lawrence

988 Lygon Street,

Melbourne GY 428305,


Subject: I Love You Infinite

Dear Scarlett,

It has been three weeks now that my family and I have shifted to Little Lonsdale Street. The new house is indeed big and father is doing fine at his new office. Mother has been too much occupied in meeting new people here. Although I like my new house but I am missing the old one because you lived right beside us.

I remember how every night you would carefully sneak out of your house to wish me good night. You were always with me then. Even this very moment, I carry you in my heart but I hate to miss your hugs. Do you remember our favourite meeting place? Yes! At the garden behind our building. Here is a garden too, since mother cannot leave her love for gardening. I am sitting there right now. I wish you were here too. I am missing you a lot. This garden reminds me of all our meetings. This garden may be beautiful but it is not as special as that one was. You were so upset when I told you that my family would be shifting to another place soon.

I hope you are not upset anymore and that you are missing me too. My residence might have changed, but my love for you will never change and always keep growing. We will meet soon.

Take care.

Yours lovingly,


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