Grant Follow Up Letter


A Grant, which popularly goes by the name of sponsorship, requires a proper sequenced procedure to be followed. This begins with asking for a grant from the sponsor company. The company may or may not reply to this letter. Despite that, one has the option of writing a follow-up letter which intends of seeking further information from the sponsor regarding the status of the sponsorship or grant.

Since you are asking for such a huge amount- in kind or cash, it requires you to not only be extremely formal but polite as well. You must showcase your gratitude for the same through your words. Start the letter by stating why you are seeking this grant and what difference this amount could make to your company, project or function. It is advised to mention your past achievements for the event that you are seeking grant for. This boosts up the possibility of receiving a grant.



Coca Cola

DLF Ph 5




Harvard University

Delhi Office

Kings Road-1927722

Subject: Grant Follow up Letter

Respected Ma’am

India’s Harvard chapter had written to your reputed company on the DD/MM/YYYY, seeking sponsorship for their upcoming event, the Harvard US conference which is scheduled to take place in the first week of January.

Ma’am, Harvard’s Indian chapter has been operating in the country since the past six years. We have tried to expand our presence in the region through the Harvard US-India initiative. Under this name, we have so far launched three social campaigns, which concern the fields of gender equality, mental health and the eradication of poverty in India.

Every year, we showcase this in our conference which is usually hosted in the first week of January. The entire purpose of this is to mark the progress we have made in the past six years through our campaigns. It also highlights our goals for the year.

This conference is attended by 350+ delegates, all hailing from different countries around the globe. Our speakers include lecturers from the Harvard University itself as well as unique personalities who match the likes of Shashi Tharoor and Manmohan Singh.

We are writing to your Corporate Social Responsibility team, requesting them to look into our application. The grants received from your company will not only help us organize this conference but also help us raise funds to further carry out our campaigns.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you

Saisha Rajat


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