Grant Application letter, Sample & Format

Grant Application letterA Grant application letter is a request by a student to obtain some financial aid from the school of studies which usually sets aside some grants or bursaries for needy students, but the student would need to write a request or fill in a grant application. A grant application letter is like a cover letter with the grant application which contains all the information needed for the grant committee to consider approving the grant.


Joey Moore

2nd Year Accounting Student

New York University

New York, NY 29009

February 18, 2011


Grant Committee

Bursary Office

New York University

New York, NY 29009

Dear Sirs

RE: Grant Application

This letter is a cover letter to the attached grant application which I am duly submitting for your kind consideration.

I am a 2nd year Accounting Major student in this fine University who face a bit of financial difficulty in making ends meet with the high tuition fee. I am self-supporting on my studies since High School as my parents are retirees.

A grant from NY University will ease my worry of rental and food costs each month so that I can concentrate on my studies, which my transcript shows consistent good results every semester. My character references from my professors are favorable.

I look forward to your approval to my grant application.

Thank you in advance,

Joey Moore

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