Grant Application letter

Grant Application letter


Sometimes educational grants can be a great boon for brilliant students who are struggling financially to continue their education. Grant application letters can be used to request an educational authority to provide grants for the needy student. Usually, this letter is written by the student itself seeking financial help. Universities and schools consider the cases of such students with empathy and approve the grant if the student seems deserving.

The application letter should be in a polite tone and must be informative enough as to why a  grant has to be provided. Don’t forget to mention your family background, annual income, and other specific concerns let it be health, personal, family matters or financial problems. Also, it’s wise to mention your academic achievements so far as the will feel that you are deserving for the grant and you will shine as a student if the grant is provided. Below is a sample letter that will guide you in writing a Grant Application Letter.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of Grant Application letter.


Joey Moore,

2nd Year Accounting Student,

New York University

New York, NY 29009,



Grant Committee,

Bursary Office,

New York University,

New York, NY 29009

Subject: Grant Application letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

This letter is a cover letter to the attached grant application which I am duly submitting for your kind consideration.

I am a 2nd year Accounting Major student in this excellent University who face financial difficulties and struggles to make ends meet. Because of the with the high tuition fee at the college, I’m at a stage where I’m forced to make a decision whether to continue education or drop out so that I can work and support my family. As you may already know, my father, an army man passed away two years back during the war. My mother despite her chronic illness works day and night to support my education. I run errands and work at a local cafeteria during my free time to make as many earnings a possible. Despite all this, I’m still struggling to pay the college fees regularly.

I have a good academic background, and I was the top scorer at the high school. A grant from NY University will ease my worry of rental and food costs each month so that I can concentrate on my studies, which my transcript shows a consistent success every semester. My character references from my professors are favorable.

I request you to approve my grant.

Thank you in advance.

Yours Sincerely,

Joey Moore


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