Graduate School Recommendation letter

Graduate school recommendation letter


A Graduate school recommendation letter is usually written by a professor or lecturer recommending his/her student be admitted into graduate school at the end or nearing the end of the student’s studies. The student would probably be an exemplary student in his/her studies with potential to excel further in graduate school. It is usually written to the dean of the graduate school who oversees the admission process. It is a formal letter. Since it is to be addressed to someone superior the tone should be respectful.

Such letters come to rescue when you have to apply for higher studies and it is good to have a teacher or professor vouch for you. If you wish to attach any documents to back up your claim you can do that. Make sure that there isn’t error before you post the letter. Briefly, introduce the student and give his credentials.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of  Graduate School Recommendation letter.


Rebecca T. Schmidt,

Head, Business School,

Maine Community College,

4448, Rainbow Road,
Youngtown, Arizona 85363

April 29, 2010


Graduate School Admissions Office,

Tulsa University,

925, Hornor Avenue,
Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74120

Subject:  Graduate School Admission Recommendation

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing to recommend Mr. Henry Parker to your prestigious Business Graduate program at Tulsa University for this fall 2010 semester.

Mr. Henry Parker is an exemplary student while at Maine Community College. Attached is a copy of his academic transcript of his college as well as the high school for your perusal and kind consideration of his graduate school application. He is due to graduate in June 2010 with honors in his current Business program.

Mr. Parker has an acute business sense and skills as he applied classroom information to practical applications throughout his course of studies. He has managed to set up a small business which was part of his course requirement. He has also interned in various organizations and has acquired a sense of practical knowledge.

He is not only a bookworm but is also an enthusiast participant in many extracurricular activities like debates, quizzes, and swimming competitions. He is also the President of the Student Club. I shall be most pleased if you can secure a place in your Business Graduate program for Mr. Henry Parker to enable him to further his studies and fulfill his dream and ambition to be a successful businessman.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Respectfully yours,

Rebecca T. Schmidt,

Head, Business School,

Maine Community College.


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